Fanfic Wednesday: “Cloisters”

Title: Cloisters

Author: wildwinterwitch

Word Count: 86,919

Pairing: Tenth Doctor/Rose Tyler

Warnings: NSFW

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The Premise

This is the author’s summary: The TARDIS is dying. She forces the Doctor to make an emergency landing on the planet Ruul. With no cure readily available, all Rose and the Doctor can do is try to settle down and build a new life. The 1st story in Cloisters Verse.

My Thoughts

I read this story a while ago while I was on the hunt for DW fanfic, and it never really left my mind. I am immensely picky about my DW fanfic–I believe that so far I’ve only recced one–and even pickier about my TenxRose fics. Anyway, this story is written from Rose’s POV and I think that makes the story that much more powerful. As the TARDIS dies, the Doctor goes through the stages of grief, and unfortunately for Rose, that means that sometimes he’s not-so-nice to her. Still, what I have always loved most about Rose as a companion is her unwavering loyalty to the Doctor, and wildwinterwitch brings out that trait especially well in this fic.

What I love most, however, is the simple domesticity that Rose and the Doctor fall into. They joked about it in the episode “The Impossible Planet,” but wildwinterwitch gives a glimpse of what life could be like for the Doctor and Rose. It’s sweet, how they cook for each other, shop for each other, and work together to pay the mortgage. It’s a slow burn love story, because neither the Doctor nor Rose really know how to live quietly after so many adventures throughout space and time. But when the do finally come together, it will melt your heart more than a little bit.

My Rating

Oh just go read it. It’s wonderful and well-written.

-The Collectress