Dexter’s Future is Not as Bright as He Thinks

Geez. The 11th episode of the final season of Dexter had me in tears most of the time. My heart was beating so hard the entire show, a mess of emotions, I was! Monkey in a Box has to be the most stressful and sad episode this season, but with only one episode left in the series, I have a feeling that it can only get worse for Dexter and those around him.

Collateral damage? I hope not.
Collateral damage? I hope not.


From the beginning, this episode is all feels. We start off with Dex cleaning up Vogel’s home after she dies in his arms, watching him tell Deb the bad news and then being forced to move on and say goodbye to the life he has built for himself in Miami. Seems Dexter is as surprised as Papa Harry to realize that he will actually miss the coworkers, friends and family he is leaving behind. Harry, who–if you are new here–is just a figment of Dexter’s psychopathic imagination, and throughout the episode, we see Dexter/Harry working out the fact that he doesn’t need to kill anymore, realizing even a stronger pull is that of his love for Hannah McKay. Which means, adversely, that he doesn’t need Harry’s Code or imaginary guidance any longer. Or will he, one last time? As Dexter pushes forward in his plan to leave Miami with his son and girlfriend, his decisions are consistently wreaking havoc on those around him. And that, my friends, seems to be where this show is going. Dexter loves Hannah in such a strong and irrational (is there any other kind of love?) way, that he cannot see that a shit storm is coming.

Meet the shit storm.
Meet the shit storm.

That shit storm’s name is Daniel Saxon AKA baby Vogel, who is about as crazy as Dexter was, circa 2006. Saxon/Vogel has nothing to live or die for, he has no attachments save his job and all he wants is to continue killing. Dexter, on the other hand, has a lot to lose, as Saxon points out to him. I must say, I enjoyed watching a ballsy Saxon/Vogel confront Dexter on all fronts during this episode. At work and at home, Saxon has intimate knowledge of all sides of Dexter Morgan. Much like Trinity, Saxon/Vogel has personal information on Dexter and uses this information to threaten Dexter to submit to a “truce.” If Saxon/Vogel is arrested, he has the information to potentially rat out our favorite serial killer, and although Saxon/Vogel is obviously insane, we don’t want that dirty laundry aired. In the last couple of episodes, Dexter seemed determined to get Saxon/Vogel on his table for these reasons and more, but during this episode we see his resolve falter. He wants the Brain Surgeon to be punished, but he also isn’t committed to the idea of doing the dirty work himself. It is a first time revelation for Dexter, and when he finally does get Saxon/Vogel tied up (with a little help from Deb), Dexter doesn’t kill him, instead, he calls his sister to come arrest the spiritual mommy-murderer.

Dex and Deb say goodbye.
Dex and Deb say goodbye.

But did we forget that U.S. Marshall Cooper and major douchebag Elway are on the trail of Hannah McKay and the Morgans? You really shouldn’t have, because this becomes a problem as the Marshall follows Deb into the kill room after Dex calls her, sees Saxon/Vogel tied up, releases him and BAM! gets a knife to the heart. I’m not going to miss Marshall Cooper so much, and actually, this is one loose end tied up. What I didn’t appreciate was Dexter driving away while Deb took a bullet to the belly from Saxon/Vogel and then, that handsome dick gets away to fuck up shit another day. So, now Deb is injured, Dex is on his way to the airport and Hannah is being stalked by Elway in the terminal as she waits for her flight. Goodness. My stress levels can’t take this!

Things aren't looking bright for Hanna, either.
Things aren’t looking too bright for Hannah, either.

For me, this episode redeems the slow fizzle of season 8. I’ve been complaining that nothing was happening, and then, all of a sudden, a shit ton was going on in the show. There is a literal storm coming, Tropical Storm Laura, and this metaphor is perfect for a show stopping season finale. I am still not recovered from watching this episode, and I almost don’t want to know what is going to happen in 5 days time. Will Deborah Morgan die? Will Elway arrest Hannah? Did Dexter really sell his boat? GAWD I don’t think I can wait until Sunday, friends, to find out, but there’s really no choice, is there?

In other news, Quinn kept Deb’s engagement ring in his desk since she gave it back so long ago, which was cute, I guess. This episode, Quinn only ruined one scene for me because, when he speaks more than 5 words, it is inevitable. Quinn and Dexter have a one-on-one about Deb at Dr. Vogel’s wake and suddenly I felt like I was watching a really good actor and a really bad actor reciting a script at an improv show at a community college. Yikes.

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