The Lit Nerd’s Summer Reading: But where is all the punctuation??

Summer is pretty much over and to be perfectly honest, I haven’t been reading much more than smutty fan fiction in the past few weeks. Still, this book by Jamaica Kincaid, Antiguan-American writer, intrigues me. The long and winding sentences that tell of the faltering relationship between Mr. and Mrs. Sweet are practically free of punctuation, and so the reading experienced is not tethered to a little thing we call grammar or style. Actually, it isn’t as cool as it sounds. I have stop/started this book so many times since it’s release in February 2013 because of the deep frustration I get while trying to decipher where each sentence begins and/or ends. I had the pleasure of hearing Ms. Kincaid read from this book at a Southern California university the week it was published, After a slew of questions about form, she explained to audiences the reason the text flows the way it does. She told us, there is no reason to write with the overused tropes of “he said, she said”.  Her thoughts and expressions manifest in a nonlinear fashion, why not the writing as well? While the explanation is as interesting and whimsical as the woman herself, I suppose I am a grammar fiend and cannot move passed the sentence structure. That being said, it is a book that I want to read. I just don’t know how to start. And so, it sits on my shelf, signed by Ms. Kincaid, gathering dust as I will myself to be brave enough to relax and read. Maybe one day soon…

See Now Then, Jamaica Kincaid


The Collectiva Diva

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