Fanfic Wednesday: Slanted Light

Title: Slanted Light Read it here

Author: Sarah_Ellie

Word Count: 19,215

Pairing: Bond/Q

Warnings: Rated M for Mature (sexy times and oh so much angst)

The Premise

I’m seriously in love with the 00Q ship because A) Ben Whishaw is hot; B) it’s the epitome of cute geek falls for hot jock (or vise versa);  and C) romance fiction is always better when there is a spy involved. This piece picks up after the death of M, and MI6 sends Q to France with Bond for a month for a little R&R. Q is a little put out that he’s essentially playing babysitter for four weeks, but quickly realizes that M’s death has affected the agent much more deeply than Bond lets on. Slowly, the Quartermaster and his agent build a trust and understanding between them. Q realizes far before Bond that his feelings are more than platonic, but once the secret agent catches on, well, things escalate to the bedroom pretty quickly (it always does with James Bond). It doesn’t end there, because Bond is Bond and Q is Q and the two have a serious freight-load of issues between the two of them. The two have to work at the relationship, but in my mind, that’s what makes the ending that much sweeter.

My Thoughts

This one was angsty but sweet and sexy at the same time. I really appreciated sarah_ellie’s writing style; her sentences are clean, crisp, and to the point. No getting lost in drawn-out metaphors, which I am very thankful for. I also felt that the James Bond acted very true to character; I especially loved that Bond listened to Paul Cardall’s “Life and Death” on repeat for days on end. That moment made his grieving process seem so much more real to me, and, quite honestly, I turned on that song and listened to it on repeat until I finished reading the fic. The angst in this fic isn’t brutal, but it is honest, and it shows that even in the darkest moments, there’s is a little bit of light that finds us.

My Rating

A-. I thoroughly enjoyed this and I teared-up at all the right moments. It is very well done.