Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Episode Title and Matt Smith’s Wig Revealed!

The Doctors Who.
The Doctors Who.

Wigs and titles and Moffat, oh my! Dark Overlord Steven Moffat has finally allowed BBC to announce the title and running time of the Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode, to air on BBCA and all over the GLOBE simultaneously on Saturday, November 23. The episode, titled “The Day of the Doctor”, will be 75 minutes long and feature David Tennant, Matt Smith, Billie Piper, Jenna Coleman and John Hurt. SQUEE!!! BBC is doing right by Whovians everywhere by making sure no country will have to wait to watch this historic episode. If the show is broadcast in the UK at 8pm, that means the East Coast in America would get it at 3pm and the West Coast at 12pm and Australian fans would get the broadcast at 7am the next morning. What a lovely thing to wake up to! UK Whovians will also have the option of watching the 50th anniversary episode at local theaters in 3D, which would be worth it for the opening sequence in the time vortex alone.

In other news, Wholigan Ryan-Thomas Farrell, student and avid Who set stalker, posted pictures of Matt Smith filming the 2013 Christmas special TODAY in Cardiff with Matt sporting an Eleventh Doctor wig that doesn’t look half bad.

That hair! Photo credit: Ryan Thomas-Farrell
That hair! Photo credit: Ryan Thomas-Farrell

Thanks for posting, Ryan!

73 days til new Who!!



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