Dexter and his Life (and Death) Choices


In the 10th episode of the show’s final season, Dexter Morgan tries to say “Goodbye Miami” and instead is forced to say goodbye to his Spiritual Mother figure, as Doctor Vogel gets her throat violently slit by her creepy serial killer son, Daniel Saxon.

Mama Vogel and baby Saxon, awkward at breakfast.
Mama Vogel and baby Saxon, awkward at breakfast.

We all knew this was coming, right? I mean, Vogel ignores her instincts as well as Dexter’s advice by trying to talk her son into in-patient mental care, which he definitely wasn’t going for. The mother/son pair start the episode off by having an extremely awkward breakfast and end with an extremely awkward tea time, during which poor Doc Vogel can’t even place her cup on the saucer without her hands shaking. The exchanges between these two are intense and obviously uncomfortable, until they both simultaneously seem to realize that repairing the relationship will never happen. Unfortunately for Vogel, that means a dramatic death scene and a lot of blood. What annoyed me was the fact that, even with all her clinical knowledge about the psychology of serial killers, Vogel waited until it was too late to give Dexter the go ahead to put Saxon the killing table. Just like Dexter, Vogel wavered between two worlds until it was too late, and it cost her life.

RIP Doctor Vogel.

While the Vogel plot line had it’s questionable moments and I was often wary of the good Doctor’s motives, her death was the most emotional scene in all of season 8. Dexter rocked her lifeless body back and forth, crying out, covered in blood and we were reminded of the boy who watched his birth mother bleed to death in that shipping crate so many years ago. Audiences have learned that indeed, Dexter has to make choices, and often times those decisions will hurt the people he claims to love. But can Dexter, a diagnosed psychopath, feel love?

Dexter still listens to Papa Harry.
Dexter still listens to Papa Harry.

The entire show since season 1 has shown Dexter attempting to navigate through two very different worlds, walking the righteous path that Harry laid out for him. Dexter’s existence as the Miami Metro blood spatter guy, father and Little League coach to Harrison is polar opposite from the thermal wearing, Harry’s Code following, serial killing, Bay Harbor Butcher that audiences know and love. While Dexter has managed to balance precariously between the two worlds for most of his adult life, Vogel understood (for Dexter if not her own son) that a psychopathic killer cannot realistically balance such a life. Such a desire for both worlds will inevitably lead to death and destruction or worst of all, prison.

I wonder who dies if Dexter's team loses?
I wonder who dies if Dexter’s team loses?

Unfortunately, my previous hopes and predictions seem to be slipping into the wind. I don’t think that Dexter will get to Argentina with Hannah McKay and little Harrison to sip rum and Coke on the beach under the coconut trees. It seems that Saxon might have something sinister in store for Dexter and unless Dexter can get him wrapped in plastic and on the table, Saxon will continue to be a threat to Dexter and everyone he loves. Not to mention the Marshal closing in on Hannah and Dexter’s not so secret plan to travel south of the border. It seems to me that everything is falling apart and I blame, for one, Harry. I mean, Harry built within Dexter this moral code and it has become the downfall of our favorite serial killer. If only he didn’t care so much about Vogel, he might have had a chance to slip away with Hannah, but it seems with the Marshal onto them, that isn’t going to happen. Perhaps if Dexter could have walked away from Vogel, who clearly didn’t want his help, we might have gotten our Argentinian happy ending. Or, for you Hanna-haters, if Dexter hadn’t got mixed up with Hannah this season, he would have been more focused on the Vogel/Saxon case and the good Doctor would have made it to episode 11, throat intact and Dexter could go on to kill another day. There are numerous paths Dexter Morgan might have taken, but alas, here we are, only 2 episodes left and not a single hope in sight. I don’t see this ending well for any of the Morgans, but at least Harrison has his siblings in Orlando.

Man, I miss Rita.

In other news, Quinn’s chest hair distracted me from every line he spoke during this episode. Still, I did appreciate Jamie cussing like a sailor while blaming Deborah for Quinn being an asshole. No, honey, he’s just a douche bag, can’t blame Deb for that one. Also, what was up with Elway? What a dick! Couldn’t even let Deb clear out her desk, he was so butt hurt. Oh well, check out the clip from next week’s episode, and weep a little with me as we prepare to say goodbye to the Morgans for good.



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