Throwback Thursday: Jared Padalecki’s (shorter) Hair

Before Supernatural, Jared Padalecki first made girls swoon as Alexis Bledel’s boyfriend on Gilmore Girls. Ironically, his character was named Dean.

Moment of silence for the Short-Haired Moose
Moment of silence for the Short-Haired Moose

Older, scruffier Padalecki no longer dons the short locks (I love the long hair, personally), but he does still have the cute smile. Let’s have a short photo tour of Jared’s various short hair stylings. (I’m sure my Collective colleague is swooning as she read this; she loves the Moose!)

I call this look “The All American Reject”
The Schoolboy
The Schoolboy
Lawyer Moose
I call this one “The Lion King.”

Yes, our boy Jared has had more hairstyle changes than Lady Gaga. That may or may not be an exaggeration. And there’s no denying, the man has fantastic hair. No really, I fantasize about braiding it (sometimes with ribbons weaved in). I know that the show had its share of snide remarks about Padalecki’s luscious long locks, but really, who doesn’t want to run their hands through this?

I call this one the “Fabio.”

In season 9, I hope that someone puts on a little mood light, turns on a fan, and plays the violin while Jared’s hair ruffles softly around his face. Make it happen, Kripke.

UPDATE: I hope this dream of mine comes true when I see J2 at the Supernatural Convention in Burbank this November! Padalecki, you better condition that hair…

-The Collectress

Disclaimer: I own none of the images. Or Jared Padalecki.