Fanfic Wednesday: “Just a Little Heat”

Title: Just a Little Heat

Author: makesmyheadspin & Scribeninja

Word Count: approx. 40,000 (W.I.P.)

Warnings: NSFW (sexy times abound)

Read it here.

The Premise:  

The season 6 finale of True Blood seemed to piss off a lot of fans, and within a day the writers over at Brainmates Fiction decided to do something about it. The finale (*spoilers, darling) left us with Hep-V infected vampires roaming the country, necessitating a vamp/human buddy program (meaning that humans get protection in exchange for their non-infected blood), and Sookie is dating Alcide Herveaux, presumably for no other reason than Eric Northman is M.I.A. From this starting point, the authors give us a delightful fix to our fangovers.

The authors’ summary: The Hep-V threat is still very real as, is the threat that Sookie will need a vampire to pair off with but we think there’s a much better option for her than Bill. Namely a tall, blonde Viking who nearly burned to death on the side of a Swedish mountain. Will Sookie and Eric finally end up together and will Bill finally get what’s coming to him?

My Thoughts: 

I’m loving this. If y’all follow my fic recs, you’ll know that I very rarely rec WIPs. Mostly because I usually don’t have the patience to wait for updates. However, I stumbled upon this one a few days after the season 6 finale and having been obsessively checking for updates ever since. I’m an avid Sookie/Eric shipper, and I’m very much on an anti-Bill campaign (Billith at least was interesting; Bill is just a douche). This is a great read if you need more True Blood and don’t want to wait until summer 2014. I, for one, find this to be an excellent fangover cure. The characterization is accurate (maybe Bill is portrayed as slightly more douchey…but who cares about him anyway), the writing is good, and the plot is much tastier than anything the finale offered us. Plus, I’m on board with Sookie/Eric sexy time. Any time. All the time.

My Rating: 

Even though it’s incomplete, I’m giving it an A. Really hope it updates soon!

A Note to Our Readers: 

I am very willing to read and review your suggestions or your own fanfics. If you have a fanfic in mind that you’d like me to read, mention it and provide a link in the comments. :)

-The Collectress