Geek Chic: Doctor Who Cosplay

We are a bunch of cosplaying Wholigans here at The Collective, and we aren’t ashamed to say it! Here are a few of the best Doctor Who cosplay ideas on the web. No names or websites, but if these are your pics, please take the time to email us so we can give you credit.

1) The 11th Doctor’s new TARDIS console is a unique and not often done cosplay idea.


2) Liz Ten is a simple and fun way to show your Who love.


3)  The Beast incarnate is a cosplay that will stand out in a sea of bow ties.


4) I especially love this Donna, Captain Jack and Ten cosplay.


5) If I see this Clockwork Droid cosplay at a con, I will run the other way.


The Collectiva Diva