Let’s Talk About the End of Dexter Morgan


Dexter Season 8 has seen our favorite serial killer up against not only a new kind of killer in the Brain Surgeon but also Dexter’s own demons. With his relationship with Deb deteriorating and generally in flux, his day job with the Miami Police department a constant threat to Dexter’s night time activities and his own moral compass of Harry’s Code in question, it seems that life is irrevocably shifting for dear old Dex.

Since we met Dexter back in 2006, we’ve learned a few things about what he is capable of and what his limits are. He is emotional about his family, he can’t keep a (sane) girlfriend, he needs Harry’s Code to function as human, he will do damn near anything not to get caught, and he has mommy issues. Season 8 reminds us of these weaknesses and raises the question, what will Dexter do when he has to make a choice between some of his obvious vices? Deb or Hannah? Freedom or confinement? Harrison or himself?


  1. Tiffany

    iIm so upset i just finished watching Dexter for the first time! woo i know I’m late so sue me. I feel as though i have been on a rollercoaster and loved every minute of it up until the end i absolutely hated that thy killed Deb and made Dexter move away! I could have handled that part then they had to kill her just as she was going back to work starting to feel good and happy again it was just awful i sat in my room crying for the whole fucking finale again my QUESTION IS WWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! Gosh, i love hem then i hate them. Sorry for my rant and rave had to let that out!

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