The Up and Coming: Jamie Campbell Bower

You probably don’t know the name “Jame Campbell Bower,” but you probably recognise his face. He’s been in a few films you’ve heard of, like…

No, that’s not Draco Malfoy.

Or this one…

Johnny Depp doesn’t look like much of a barber.

This attractive young actor from London has been gracing the big screen in minor ways for a few years, but after The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones premiered last weekend, I don’t think that will remain the case for much longer. While I have mixed feelings about Bower’s newest film (the books are better), I can’t deny that this man may be our next Orlando Bloom or Jonathan Rhys-Meyers. Teen flicks aside, he’s got some serious talent.

For example, the man can sing.

In addition to creepy stalker songs, he used to be in a band called “The Darling Buds.” But that’s not the limit of his talents, no, in addition to modeling and singing, he actually can act outside of teenage emodramas. In Anonymous, he played the part of a young Earl of Oxford who seduced Queen Elizabeth I. He recites Shakespeare beautifully.

But, perhaps nearer and dearer to most fangirls hearts is the fact that Bower is part of the Harry Potter family. Look closely at this video of Dumbledore’s history, and you’ll see that Bower was the young Gellert Grindelwald. (Side note: He was once engaged to Bonnie Wright, aka Ginevra Weasley.)

Bower has managed to secure a place in three highly successful franchises, and he’s not even 26 yet. I think that soon fangirls worldwide will swoon his name, probably because of his Mortal Instruments character, Jace. It certainly helps that he looks like this.

I do love me some skinny British dude.

We’ll be seeing you around, Jamie Campbell Bower.

-The Collectress