Geek Chic: Crossplay for the Ladies

While we are a cosplaying Collective here, I’ll admit I haven’t participated in much crossplay. Um, what’s crossplay, you ask? Well…

It’s basically crossdressing cosplay. Duh. But, more than that, crossplaying gives men and women the opportunity to dress up as their favorite characters without gender-enforced stereotypes, and we love that. While there are some crossplaying dudes, many of them (that I have run into) perform Japanimation crossplay, which I know nothing about. What I do know is that in British and American television, my forte, there are more strong male characters than female characters. Case and point; I am a Doctor Who fan but if I’m dressing up, why do I have to be a companion? Why can’t I be the Doctor? Well, with crossplay, I can and I shall be brilliant. And, let me just add, if you are a purist who thinks that ONLY a man can dress like the Doctor or Sherlock or any other male character, well, bugger off and don’t read this post because you will not be happy.


Last week, my Collective cohort offered up an epic post of femme!Sam and Dean Winchester crossplay and I was inspired to share more with you, Collectors of Awesome. Here are a few of my favorite crossplay outfits to inspire you to dress how you feel, do what you love and fangirl all over whatever fandom you like. So, if you’re a girl but still want to dress like fucken Castiel at your next Con, just remember…


…or gender specifics, me thinks.

1) Doctor Who crossplay. There are 8 different Doctors and they all look bad ass.

11 Doctor crossplayers.
Doctor crossplayers.

2) Crossplaying Loki, the goddess of mischief sure looks the part.

Femme!Loki is kinda perfect.
Femme!Loki is kinda perfect.

3) Bilbo Baggins crossplay–she has the feet, too!

Cross/cosplay accessories can make the outfit.
Cross/cosplay accessories can make the outfit.

4) Comic books ain’t just for boys anymore.

Justice League crossplay, all the way to Wonder Dude.
Justice League crossplay, including Wonder Dude.

5) Johnlock crossplay!? Yes, please!

They still look so great together.
They still look so great together.

6) Femme!Jayne is sexy and spot on.

Jayne Cobb is all in the details.
Jayne Cobb is all in the details.


Tenth Doctor crossplay--the best I've seen.
Tenth Doctor crossplay–the best I’ve seen.

**Disclaimer: I do not own, nor claim to own, any of these images or the characters presented therein. If you do, please let me know and I will bake you cookies**

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