Fanfic Wednesday: “The Soul Piece”


Title: The Soul Piece

Author: Cloudyjenn

Word Count: 132,159 (W.I.P.)

Fandom: Supernatural

Warnings: Prepare to give away a piece of your soul.

Read it here.

My co-blogger and I had a serious discussion the other day on who our OTPs were. For a while, I kept it a secret, because my OTP is precious to me (yes, you may read that last line in a Gollum voice). But then The Backlot had their Slash Tournament, Destiel won, and I felt the need to proclaim the joy for my OTP to the world.

I’ve recced Destiel fics now for the past 3 weeks, and I will never apologize for promoting my OTP. This fic, THIS FIC, was one of the first Destiels I ever read, and I’m very glad that I never noticed that it’s WIP or I never would have opened it. This, by far, is my favorite Destiel fic and one of my favorite fanfictions. Period. Cloudyjenn sold me on the first sentence:

When a human child is born, their soul is shattered into bright gleaming pieces that scatter to the winds. 

It’s not really their souls, of course. More like echoes of their souls, a manifestation of each human’s essence that slips into the physical body of another. A piece of themselves that they recognize in others. 

The Premise: 

On the day that Dean Winchester his born, his soul scatters, and Castiel, angel of the Lord, receives a piece of it. The soul mate piece. In all the history of heaven, no angel has ever received a human’s soul piece before, unless they have fallen. Now that Castiel knows he is Dean’s soul mate, he find that he cannot stay away from the young Dean Winchester.

My Thoughts: 

This story primarily adheres to the canon. Dean doesn’t remember Castiel’s visits to him in his childhood because the angel wipes his memory. The story is from Castiel’s perspective, and my god, if it were canon it would explain so much. There’s angst (not unbearable though), because time and again Castiel is forcibly separated from his human.

I love that Cloudyjenn had Castiel befriending Mary Winchester. In fact, those early chapters may be my favorite parts of the story. Their friendship pushes Castiel to be even more protective of Dean after Mary’s death.

This fiction is so beautifully written. I want to crawl inside the author’s words and live there for the next few centuries. I must admit that I cried more than once, and I’ll probably continue to cry until the story is finished. I wish it wasn’t a WIP, but since the author is in graduate school (and I know that pain too well) I understand the need for a hiatus.

Doesn’t mean I can’t obsessively check for updates once a week…

My Rating: 

Only someone with no soul would try to rate this. It’s well worth the read. Just do it.

A Note to Our Readers: 

I am very willing to read and review your suggestions or your own fanfics. If you have a fanfic in mind that you’d like me to read, mention it and provide a link in the comments. 🙂

-The Collectress


  1. Ari

    I’m at Chapter 23 and it’s amazing!!!! Thank you so much for the recommendation! It fits so well with the storyline right down to the appropriation of “Cas,” “Angels are watching you” to the little squirrel. I love all the easter eggs and the relationship with Mary… I never thought it would be so appropriate! The kindred friendship between Mary and Cas is so well put and the likeness of Sam and Dead as kids/babies- soooooo adorable!!!! I wish people drew fan art for this fanfiction specifically- it’s perfection!

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