Check Out This Subversive Disney Neo-Noir Film, ‘Escape From Tomorrow’

Randy Moore’s controversial B&W film, Escape from Tomorrow, is a neo-noir film piece shot guerilla-style at Disney theme parks in Florida released at Sundance Film Festival January 2013 and will be coming to a theatre near you. Moore and crew didn’t get permits to shoot the film on location and Disney hasn’t signed off on this character driven horror story reminiscent of a french nouvelle vogue as of yet.Β The plot revolves around a douche-y dad who spends much of the last day of his family vacation at Disney World oggling a couple of french teenagers and hallucinating on the It’s a Small World ride. Horror ensues. The movie has a pretty good buzz and audiences can expect to see the film in hipster theatres everywhere October 11, 2013 and on certain cable companies Video on Demand. My guess is, as soon as the Disney suits get a whiff of this movie, they will shut it down but it seems that commercial distributor PDA is willing to take the hit from the lawyers for the hype of the film.Β 


The Collectiva Diva


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