The Mishapocalypse and Random Acts of Misha

Misha Collins.

It's all truth.
It’s all truth.

If you are new here, Misha is the god of all fandoms now and forever. His scruffy face and trench coat and goofy off-stage attitude have become a symbol of all that is right in the world of obsessive shipping, Destiel and wingkink.  Seriously though, the homoerotic on-screen off-screen bromance with Castiel/Misha Collins and Dean/JEnsen Ackles is bloody perfection.


Misha is known for trolling his fans, and in April 2013, they trolled right back, with Tumblr going crazy on the pre-planned April Fool’s Day, Mishapocalypse in which Mishaminions changed profile pictures to this:

The eyes are creepy.
The eyes are creepy.

And then, Tumblr went crazy.

Yes, I watched this all the way through but then I began to wonder, how did the internet do this?

The only good reason.
The only good reason.

On April 1, 2013, Supernatural audiences who frequent Tumblr and Twitter and Omegle, spammed their feeds with pictures and video of Misha pasted over, into and all around anything and everything the internet has to offer. Everything and everyone became Misha and the 4th wall was broken.


So, did the power of the fandom called a Hollywood star down from his high horse to mingle with the little people for a while? The short answer is, no, Misha lives here, with us, in our hearts. The long answer is, the fandom loves Misha not just because he is handsome, hilarious and a tremendous actor with a penchant for the goofy stuff. Misha is down here in the trenches, trolling Tumblr and frequently updating his Twitter account to remain connected to his fans. He renews his vows to the wifey in a grocery store, IN DRAG, creates “Cooking Fast and Fresh with West” while putting together GISHWES, a huge and hilarious scavenger hunt, and giving the best Con interviews ever. Fans feed off Misha’s positive energy and the web hasn’t turned on him yet. Those of us that spend so much time working, writing and sweating over the web feel validated that Castiel, the angel of the Lord has taken notice of us, much like he took notice of Dean Winchester all those years ago.

He's got Blue Steel perfected.
He’s got Blue Steel perfected.

On August 20th, 2013, to celebrate Misha’s birthday, the fandom has decided to work on a couple of ideas and we at The Collective are open to suggestion.  First, there has been a suggestion that Mishamigos should unfollow Misha on Twitter, trolling him once again by withdrawing love and attention on the day of his birth. I don’t know how I feel about this one. It seems kind of mean, and I want to know what Misha says and does at all times, so why would I want to unfollow him on Twitter? We’re practically best friends and my best friend would not like to be treated like that. The second and kinder idea is for each Mishaminion to donate $1 each to Misha’s charity, Random Acts. Imagine. If each of his 1 million Twitter followers donated a single dollar to this charity, well, that’s a lot of pie.

Also, it seems something Misha would appreciate. Although, if I were Misha Collin’s, as flamboyant and adorable as he is, I might enjoy seeing the world taken over by my face. Even so, Mishaminions, my dear Mishamigos, we have a choice to make. It’s not like we aren’t going to obsess over him on his birthday and do whatever the internet tells us, but there comes a time to make a choice. How will we celebrate this silly MoFo on his 39th birthday?

Misha will EXTERMINATE the internet!
Misha will EXTERMINATE the internet!

The Collectiva Diva


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