Fanfiction Wednesday: “All Things Shining”

Title: All Things Shining

Author: Askance, standbyme

Word Count: 141,906

Warnings: NSFW

Read it here.

There are many reasons why Destiel is the flagship in my armada of OTPs, and this fanfiction reminds me why I’m right. (Sidenote: Get over to The Backlot and vote for Destiel in the tournament. Misha Collins wants you to). Don’t let the long word count deter you; it’s worth reading all 400+ pages. I smiled; I cried; and at the end of it, my heart burned with joy for the characters. No angst here, my friends, just a long overdue happy ending for our favorite hunter and fallen angel.

The Premise:

It’s getting harder and harder for Sam, Dean, and Cas to find a good hunt. They meet a teenage werewolf who has recently been mysteriously healed of his lycanthropy, and they have to (grudgingly) acknowledge that miracles might exist. The more miracles that occur, the more suspicious the Winchesters get, and they begin a journey along the Mississippi River to suss out the strange Riverlander religion and the “big bad” that’s causing all the good things to happen, because neither of them–particularly not Dean–thinks that they’re lucky enough to have a happy ending. The journey bring Dean and Cas closer together, and maybe, just maybe, this happy ending can be theirs after all.

My Response: 

I went into this piece expecting fluff and a cavity, and I came out with a heart full of happy feels and tears of joy. The writing is true to the characters–Dean is still an ornery S.O.B.–and the plot feels Supernatural. It’s a slow-burning Destiel relationship because, as always, Dean has commitment issues, but the eventual merging of the characters is so natural and flawlessly executed that you wonder how it isn’t actually canon (hint, hint, Kripke).

And can I just mention the background lore? The author created a religion for this story. Or did the story emerge out of the religion? A star falls in love with a catfish. A weird sentence, if you haven’t read this yet, but afterwards, it will make your heart smile. It’s a love story, folks, and a damn good one.

Here’s a snippet:

It told him, in the whispers of the crackling glue and the smell of the aged thing, that once, before there had been anything else, there had been a story.

A God who saw love lacking in the world He had made. Who formed two stones from the dust beneath His feet and breathed into them. A Death who looked on love with sadness. A split. A pouring out. 

A star who fell in love with a catfish. 

My Rating: 

Definitely an A. I loved every word, and–this never happens–I’m planning on reading it again in the near future.

-The Collectress