True Blood: The End is Nigh

Spoilers, darling. Spoilers. 


True to True Blood fashion, this week’s episode wrapped up many storylines in preparation for next Sunday’s sixth season finale. Things are changing in supernatural Lousiana, and if this season has showed us anything it’s that you can’t trust anyone. Except LaFayette.

This week’s episode was particularly well done. If you haven’t seen it yet, let me tell you that Terry Bellefleur’s funeral may be the most poignant moment I’ve seen on television in years. Terry was one of my favorite characters, and I’m going to miss his quirky anxiety and the cute that he and Arlene brought to Bon Temps.

Sookie’s finally got her head out of her fairy vagina long enough to support Arlene in her time of mourning. Sookie’s tribute to Terry is moving, and the writers reminded us that even though most of the citizens of Bon Temps think of Sookie as a “freak,” she is unafraid to her her telepathy when it matters. Making sure Arlene makes it through Terry’s funeral is one of those times.

Meanwhile at Vamp Camp…



True Blood has been bringing us blood and gore for the past 5 years, but this episode’s “execution” of a vamp camp scientist ventured into new levels of disgusting (featuring castration and a boot to the skull, American History X style).

Eric promptly uses his sun-walking abilities to break out the vampires from jail, which spurs a feeding frenzy of their captors. Eric finds Jason Stackhouse–who has been fed on and probably raped–and saves him too in possibly the funniest moment of the episode. Poor Jason can’t catch a break; it seems like he’s permanently destined to have sexy dreams about male vampires (can’t say that I mind too much…I sense a new ship being built…)

Dear Billith, who art in Bon Temps, please let Jason have sexy dreams of Eric. The fangirls need it.

Speaking of Billith, he finally wizened up and realized he didn’t need Warlow to rescue his vampy children from the white room, because he has Warlow’s blood in him. Bill, for a blood god, you sure don’t have a lot of smarts. So in a creepy ritual, he offered himself up Jesus-style and almost died to save the vampires trapped in the white room. (As a special bonus, Eric makes Steve Newlin meet the sun, but not before the former preacher declares his love once again for Jason “Hot Buns” Stackhouse).

I really enjoyed the simpler cinematography. Essentially, we had two plots in this episode 1: Terry funeral/mourners reminiscing about Terry and 2. Bad ass Eric breaking the vamps out of jail and Billith sacrificing himself for his children. As my Collective colleague pointed out to me earlier today, the dual storyline was easier to follow and much more immersing. Bonus, we had essentially all the non-vamp characters in one place and all the vamp characters in the other, which sets the stage nicely for a nice big confrontation in next week’s finale. Humans v. vampires, round 10,396. Ding. It also set up a parallel between Terry Bellefleur and Billith–both were willing to sacrifice themselves to protect/provide for their family.

So, next week concludes season 6. Is Sookie going to turn for Warlow? Is Billith going to declare war on humanity? Where the fuck did Eric go? Is Niall going to return? Will somebody please kill Sarah Newlin?

And, most importantly: will Jason have naked daydreams of Eric?

-The Collectress