Write or Die: An Open Call for Writers of all Fandoms

We here at The Collective are desperate.

We need you. We want you. We can’t exist without you.

Would you write for us? 


The Collective is looking for guest writers! If you are interested, email us a PDF attachment document with 200-500 words on your chosen topic(s) and if we like it, we will publish it on our blog. Please include your name, contact information and a 50 word or less biography of you in the 3rd person voice. Grammar and spelling are important to us as are fresh voices on current entertainment news. Want to know our style? Read through our blog before submitting to see how we write and what we write about. Check out our most popular tags in the tag cloud on the home page.  We write about TV, film, books, women’s rights, travel, geek gadgets, tech, cosplay, fanfic, and more. You don’t have to be like us. We want you to be unique, have fun and write or die!! 

This is an open-ended submission.

We will contact you before publishing your work. 

If published, you will retain all rights to your work and we only ask you give us first publishing rights before you submit the article anywhere else.

The Collective will not pay you in cash, but we will pass out maps to Smauglock’s gold treasure cave. **

**cave may exist only in alternate reality**

contact us at:  to.the.nerd@gmail.com 



The Collectiva Diva