Love and Dexter are Blind

Season 8, episode 7, “Dress Code”, has a lot going on.

**Spoilers, Sweetie**

5 more episodes until the end of it all.
5 more episodes until the end of it all.

First of all, we find Dexter poisoned and abandoned by Hannah McKay and Deb passed out and confused on her living room floor. Dexter seems to understand that, instead of picking up the phone to say, “Hello, I need your help,” Hannah chose to drug the Morgans, drive Dex to the middle of nowhere, and then wait for him to find her. She is a coy thing, isn’t she? Well, Dex takes the bait and soon enough is face to face with his paramour, he can’t seem to remember that she A) wanted to kill his beloved sister and B) seems to have gotten an extra slice of crazy at the buffet table. It seems fair to guess that the end of Dexter will rely heavily on his crazy obsession with this killer blonde. With Deborah freaking out at the mention of Hannah’s name, her confession to Vogel and Dexter about still wanting Hanna dead, and the fact that Deb put a GPS tracker on her brother’s car so she could stalk his every move, makes me think Deb indeed is still a bit nuts and that “PTSD” is not on the upswing quite yet.  When Dexter heads over to the old greenhouse to tell Hanna that her new, rich, and very possessive husband confronted him at a gas station, she admits that she wanted Dexter to kill the guy but changed her mind at the last minute because she didn’t want to manipulate him. Dexter is obviously moved by her admission and ends up right where Hannah wants him, on the boat, seconds after she accidentally murders her husband in the middle of a beat down. Even though Dexter finally recognizes that two psychopaths cannot be in any kind of relationship, like I said last week, I like Hannah. I feel it’s fitting that Dexter go out with a hot blonde, a lot of sex, blood and night boating.

Hannah, why so surprised to see the guy you literally just kidnapped and left in a ditch?
Hannah, why so surprised to see the guy you just kidnapped and left in a ditch?

Speaking of crazy killers, Zach Hamilton’s story got ugly fairly fast. We knew Zach wasn’t a candidate for Harry’s Code from the moment he bludgeoned his daddy’s mistress(es), right? There was no way that Dexter, in his current predicament of blind passion for both his sister and Hannah, would have the time or know how to mentor this wierdo that still lives with his mother (Dexter’s words). When Cassie died, I really wasn’t surprised. Seemed the poor girl was destined to die, as are all unsuspecting guest cast members on a show about serial killers. In season 8, we are watching the world Dexter has meticulously created for himself unravel, and I can only hope that he goes out like a gangster ala Scarface and not to jail for a careless mistake with Zach.

Too little, too late, Dex.
Too little, too late, Dex.

Unfortunately, the Zach situation needs to be dealt with, and fast. Dexter talks a lot about Zach with Vogel, and in his inner monologue, but he continuously puts off the responsibility, until it is too late and Cassie is dead. Zach doesn’t need a Dexter, he needs a Harry and Dexter finally realizes that at the end of the episode. Vogel, as always, is a voice of reason with a touch of apathy, but we don’t see much of her this episode. She advises the Morgans, but doesn’t get too involved. I’ve begun to find her dialogue contrite at some points, she does a lot of telling and not a lot of showing, so I may be reevaluating my hopes that a Dexter spin-off will revolve around her practice. I’m thinking I just wanna watch Dexter burn down Miami and go out with Hanna, Thelma and Louise style. Five more episodes left, folks…

These are the titles of the last 5 episodes of Dexter Season 8, the final chapter:

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Dexter Season 8, Episode 9: Make Your Own Kind of Music

Dexter Season 8, Episode 10: Goodbye, Miami

Dexter Season 8, Episode 11: Monkey in a Box

Dexter Season 8, Episode 12: Remember the Monsters?

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