The Fandom Wars: It Begins…

Sounds like fun, shipmates!




Three Chic Geeks

3 Chic Geeks Fandom Wars master post

Once upon a time, there was a trickster god that happened to be a blogger. With your luck, that trickster god happened to be Freak Geek (who, if you are just tuning in, is convinced she is Loki), and that “once upon a time”? Yeah, um, that’s like… now. Anyway, it was the middle of August, and no game was afoot; the pantheon of bloggers that presides over 3 Chic Geeks was bored. So, the Trickster God Freak Geek said, “Hey, remember how we had a Ship War back in March? Let’s have another war now, for fandoms. It’ll be fun. It’ll be bloody.” And so… here it is.

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  1. MistressCinder

    Here are my choices: BBC Sherlock, The Mentalist, Buffy/Angel, Harry Potter, Dexter, Game of Thrones, Charmed, Orphan Black, Once Upon a Time, Adventure Time, Battlestar Galatica, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings & finally, Avengers. If I did not give a choice for a bracket, then I did not have a preference & do not know anything about those shows, etc. Only thing missing was my True Blood vamps…

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