Dexter Reflects on the Future

In Season 8, episode 6, “A Little Reflection,” we see Dexter and the cast preparing for the future, which audiences know is pointless, because the show’s about to end. So, Dexter has a potential killer to stalk, the handsome, rich and equally creepy, Zach Hamilton. Zach is guilty of murder and both Dexter and Quinn know it. This unlikely pair are working toward the same goal–finding hard evidence that Zach is a murderer. It starts to get weird when we find out that Zach is seeing Dr. Vogel, and even weirder when it is revealed that Vogel wants Dexter to mentor Zach ala Harry’s Code. Seems like a big conflict of interests, but the good doctor doesn’t seem too concerned.

Zach sees the blood as art.

The Vogel storyline drops off in this episode, and it seems as if Dexter really isn’t interested any longer. Will Vogel and Dexter both move on? Dex briefly pops in on the doc twice in this episode, both times to discuss Zach and both times releatively short, as Dexter tends to storm out when he doesn’t agree with what Vogel has to say. All season long I have been questioning Vogel’s motives but it seems that this episode proves all she really wants to do is work with dangerous serial killers and maybe train up a child in the way of The Code. I have heard whispers of a Dexter spin off and this is where I see it happening. Vogel’s intentions seem on the level, and I wouldn’t necessarily mind watching a show in which she trains serial killers with The Code. Interesting idea–we will have to see what 2014 Comic-Con brings. Gaaaah, why did I mention Comic-Con?

Dexter has some choices to make.
Dexter has some choices to make.

After a long day at the office, Dexter and Deb have burnt steaks and beer at his place–almost just like the old days. They seem to be repairing their relationship, but Dexter is trying so hard he burns dinner and Deb, as always, remains blasé. Still, it is sweet to see them trying to be friends again and when Deb pronounces her brother a “doofus” when he asks about Harrison’s lying and talks about her PTSD, I can almost forget all about that the La Guerta drama/death/cold blooded murder or whatever.

Like father, like son? We hope not.
Like father, like son? We hope not.

The best moment in all of this boring ass episode involve the sexy, crazy blonde I adore, Hannah McKay. Deb and Dex are drinking beers in her beach house, just like old times, and suddenly, Deborah is woozy, falling over onto the couch. Dexter starts to blur and suddenly, we see Hannah, looking all gorgeous and sinister, and of course she’s poisoned them. Hannah, known for spiking her victim’s with killer greenhouse spices in season 7, is a bit of a psychopath, but I can’t help but love the beachy blonde beauty and her crazy ways. Hannah and Dexter have a killer codependant relationship that ended her up in the slammer…so why is she out? That is the question of the hour, well, the next hour. In other news, Quinn lost out to Miller in the promotion game, Matsuka creeped out his daughter, the cute neighbor Cassie is probably going to die and Deb’s boss Elway is wierd. Honestly, I just wanna see what Hannah’s going to do to Deb.



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