Fanfic Wednesday: “My Eyes Are An Ocean”

Title: My Eyes Are An Ocean 

Author: entangled_now

Word Count: 10,300

Warning: NSFW

Read it here

My Collective cohort asked me what my OTP to end all OTPs was, and I couldn’t answer her. I mean, if we’re sticking to the canon, I’m Ten and Rose all the way, but the less canonical ships? Oh boy, I’ve got so many to choose from; I have a veritable armada of ships.

I have some ships that I like more than others (I’ll ship Johnlock till I’m dead….which will still be before series 3 airs), and Destiel is probably in my top 3. I’m not much of a romantic, but…c’mon…an angel pulls a man out of hell–literally reforming his body and putting him back together molecule by molecule–and continues to help this man defeat apocalypse after apocalypse. What does the angel get out of it? Why bother? Well, the lingering stares and lack of personal space issues are enough for the fandom to draw their own conclusions.

Now to mention that the Angel of the Lord is indifferent to sexual orientation.

Misha, Misha, Misha.

It’s been a while since I read some Destiel fic, so when I stumbled across this one, it slapped me hard across the face and said, “Why the hell would you read anything else?”

The Premise

Dean Winchester recently saved the world. Again. But this time, it appears that it’s for good. Somehow, Dean powered up the angels so that they could permanently defeat Lucifer’s demons, but in doing so, he saw Castiel’s true form and is now blind. Of course, since he never expected to survive the apocalypse, he’s coping rather well with the loss of his eyesight.

The author places us a few weeks after the apocalypse, and Dean is beginning to adjust to life as a blind man. Sam, Bobby, and Cas, however, aren’t adjusting as smoothly. Sam is ridiculously overprotective, Bobby is nicer than usual, and Cas, well, Cas spends as much time as ever staring at Dean, but this time Dean knows that it’s because Cas feels guilty. Guilty that it was his true form that blinded Dean.

It’s a nice slow buildup to the romance. Because Dean is Dean, he squares away his issues with Sammy before he even thinks about confronting the angel. The author keeps Dean true to character, and even though this piece has angst like whoa, the humorous side to Dean and Sammy’s relationship is still there (Dean is quite adept at guessing which Bitchface Sam is using even though he can’t see it). I particularly like the poignancy in how Dean can’t really see Cas until his eyesight is gone.

When Dean finally talks to Cas, well…I’m not above saying that my heart broke, mended itself, and then got melted. I mean, c’mon, this author just…well…here’s a blurb:

Dean lifts a hand, finds the solid curve of Castiel’s shoulder through his coat. And Dean thinks that’s maybe the one thing that he’s grateful for that he’s never admitted. That it’s easier to touch him now, now Dean can’t see, now he has a reason, or an excuse? He can just reach a hand out and touch him.

And then, there’s the sex. Which is really hot.

My rating: A. Solid A. The story fits well within the SPN ‘verse; the characterization is pretty faithful; the sex is hot (seriously). And the ending, the ending, my god. Read the sequel too; you won’t regret it.

-The Collectress


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