YouTube Geek Week: Doctor Who Edition

This week YouTube is embracing all things nerd and gearing up for a geek-splosion of content! That means easter eggs (try searching for “beam me up scotty”) and a very nerd-centric focus in topics and themes on the video website for the masses. One of my favorite (who are we kidding? MY FAVORITE) things to Google, especially this week with the 12th Doctor announcement, is Doctor Bloody Who! Check out The Collective’s Geek Week Doctor Who Edition and enjoy these dork-tastic viddy’s for the modern geek.

What is Geek Week?

This is YouTube’s way of paying homage to the international trolls that make the site so incredibly popular and make me never want to upload anything to YouTube for fear of the dreaded commenters. Geeks run the world, people. If you didn’t know it before, check out these favorite channels (So far! It’s only Monday, of course) and be sure to subscribe to the channels you enjoy for great content this week and THE REST OF TIME.

The Doctor Puppet, Episode 1. 

I love the Doctor Puppet! It’s ingenious, funny and adorable all at the same time. Did you know this show predicted 10 & 11 meeting before it was announced for the 50th? She’s gooooood. The site finally released video 4 for Geek Week and I highly recommend visiting the HelloDoctorPuppet channel to watch the all 4 episodes.

Anime Doctor Who

Would you like a parody of Doctor Who in Japanese animation style? Wish granted! The anime Amy, Rory and Eleven is the only way to watch Doctor Who from now on. Forget this 3-D stuff for the 50th anniversary episode. I want anime! Check out my favorite, the Nerdist channel for more great videos all week long.

Chameleon Circuit, Alex Day

Chameleon Circuit makes me happy. This nerdiest band o’ geeks makes fan-based music about Doctor Who stuff. This video by Alex Day is inventive and makes me wish I started watching Who back when I was a kid because I would have imagined the crap out of a sonic screwdriver and TARDIS control room. Sigh…. Check out Alex Day’s channel to see more music video parodies.

I will go down with this ship, Danisnotonfire

My all-time favorite explanation of “shipping” fanfic. If you read fanfiction, which you know we do here at The Collective, if you ship Rose and TenDestiel, Johnlock, Eleven and River or have any other OTP, then you have to watch this. Subscribe to the danisnotonfire channel for his hilarious take on Tumblr, YouTube and shipping across the pond.


The Collectiva Diva


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