True Blood: What about Sookie?

**Beware of spoilers, darling**

What is Sookie doing this season? (Besides creating deviating plotlines with her vagina). I’m beginning to worry that True Blood‘s protagonist has lost that spark that endeared her to audiences in the past. Where’s the spunky barmaid that told off Eric Northman the first time they met? Or the girl that went to Mississippi to bring back the vampire she loved? The chick that broke up with Bill AND Eric because she wanted to stand on her own two feet? Where is the fire, Sookie? Where’d it go?

I want to like you, Sookie, I really do, but Pam is right about you sometimes.

I’m kinda over Sookie’s relationship drama; no matter how hot Ben/Warlow/Benlow is, I just don’t care. Sookie, girl, you’re a fairy of royal blood. Stop acting like a drama queen, pick yo ass up, and be a bad ass. You dumped Bill and Eric in season 4 because you wanted to be on your own, so why are you contemplating becoming Benlow’s fairy vampire bride/eternal food source? Let’s not fall back into co-dependence; you’ve come so far since Bill.

Speaking of Bill, he now has a new convert to the Church of Billith.

Didn’t see this one coming…

Eric swears allegiance to Bill, because he will do anything (even sucking up to his rival) to save his vampy sister, Nora. And this brings out my favorite part of Eric: the protective, loyal Eric who will defy blood gods, vampire authorities, and all of humankind to save his family, if necessary.

Sadly, it isn’t enough this time. Bon Temps says goodbye to another character who was doomed from the start because the audience doesn’t give a shit about them. Eric’s goodbye to Nora is touching, and oddly peaceful (which reminded me of the way Godric met the sun in season 2).

I cried, a little. Until she became a gross pile of blood-goo.

Eric’s only left with his progeny now: Pam and the prepubescent Willa. Both of whom are still trapped in the vamp camp (but it looks like Eric is gonna team up with Bill to save them, so maybe we can forgive Eric for leaving them behind). They’ve all been warned about Hep-V, but I wonder how willing they’ll be to tell everyone else in vamp camp about that development.

Jessica is still in vamp camp too, and Jason has made it his personal mission to save his beloved vampiress. He’s been demonstrating quite of bit of intelligence as he outsmarts Sarah Newlin, and I’ve got to say I like this side of Jason. Jason/Jessica may be my favorite pairing on the show, and I want to see him sweep in, rescue her, and they can ride off into the moonlight together (since sunset is out of the question).

Except…maybe she doesn’t feel the same way anymore. Considering she has sex with a vampire she refused to have sex with last episode. And that leaves Jason at the mercy of Sarah Newlin, who throws him to the wolves–or in this case, a cage of hungry vampires. Oh, Jessica. You’ve got issues, honey.

And in other, less important plot arcs:

Alcide is still a douche.

Sam is still thinking with the wrong head, but he’s beginning to see priorities.

And, LaFayette is fabulous. (Bitch, please, we already knew that.)

We’ve got three episodes left of season 6. So Sookie, now is the time to bring that fairy power out and go kick some ass. Don’t let the men do all the work.

-The Collectress