The Lit Nerd Says READ! A Companion’s Companion by Kyle Anderson

This is not yet a book, but it really should be. We at The Collective LOVE all things Nerdist and our favorite Doctor Who aficionado, Kyle Anderson, started a 30-part series entitled “Doctor Who: A Companion’s Companion” that basically summarizes THE WHOLE OF DOCTOR WHO. It’s like a less convoluted version of the TARDIS Wiki. For a Wholigan who is slowly working my way back through the series, this is a great spotter’s guide to the Who-niverse. I am hoping Anderson plans to explore the development of the Doctor’s character, and how he came to be our ambiguous and awkward hero with three key factors that remain important to the comprehension of the show ; The Doctor is a time-travelling alien with a TARDIS (time and relative dimension in space) who is running from unknown horrors of his home planet. Netflix would add “fighting nefarious aliens”, which, pretty much sums it up.

The opening scene of "The Unearthly Child", the first ever Doctor Who episode.
The TARDIS looks a bit dingy in “The Unearthly Child”, the first ever Doctor Who episode.

The first installation of this blog serial went live on The Nerdist website today and should be a weekly occurrence until the November 23rd anniversary episode. If you are interested in a breakdown of ALL the existing episodes of Doctor Who–perhaps you have already seen them all or need a refresher before the 50th anniversary of Who–check out Mr. Anderson’s weekly Companion’s Companion on the Nerdist website. I, for one, would pay good money for a coffee table book just like this. SAYIN’!

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