The Morgan Family That Kills Together

So, season 8 is half way over and the twists just keep coming.

**Spoilers, Sweetie**

Episode 5, “This Little Piggy”, tied up a few loose ends, namely the Brain Surgeon plot line. Yates kidnaps the Doc right from her own home and, since we have seen what he does to his victims, we know that if Dex and Deb don’t find her fast, Vogel is going to have 10 broken toes and be dead sooner than later.

Which little piggy isn’t going to make it to market?

Luckily, Vogel gets creative, channels Yates’ abusive mother, slaps the killer into a brief submissive state and calls the killers’ Morgan. Now, we haven’t gotten to see Dexter kill too much, so this curtian rod through the heart bit is as violent and gritty as it is satisfying. Even Deb seems to be okay with it.

Is Deb getting into the family business?

While the Brain Surgeon storyline is wrapping up, audiences get a glimpse of an interesting new turn of events; a rich family with a dead maid/mistress and Miami Metro connections. Seems like Matthews has some sort of sinister agenda when he tells Quinn to take it easy on the family and when, suddenly, the eye witness forgets everything he saw. Can Matthews be covering up for a rich pal? I wouldn’t hold it past him, but I am guessing it’s more complicated than that. I for one am excited for the new murder mystery. The priviledged, unrepentant killer is right up Dexter’s alley and it seems that he might just go after the scum of Miami with his sister and Vogel, who joined him on “Slice of Life” to take out the trash. When was the last time Dex took someone out on the boat? Lumen?

I loved Lumen, I care not what you think.

Seems Dex is prioritizing and finding out that family, even a twisted, deranged one like his, can be vital to making it in this big bad world. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want this show to end. In other news, Dexter has a quasi-dinner date, the nanny bosses him around and we get more information on Matsuka’s sperm-sample daughter. Plus, no one cares about Quinn and Jamie.