Geek Chic: Fandom at the Office

Who doesn’t want to get their geek on while at work? I love to nerd-out discreetly; a framed minimalist Sherlock artwork, Star Wars business card holder or Doctor Who fobwatch can brighten a dreary day at the office. In this small way do we get to say “Screw you” to the work day and flaunt the fandoms tastefully. Check out these fun items below (most of them from ThinkGeek) and consider nerding out at the office just to annoy your boss.

Star Wars Death Star tea infuser, $20 

Steep your tea in Vader’s death machine! It’s like you’re drinking the ashes of Alderan. Too soon?


Ninja Star coat hook, $8 

Something this cool should not be forced to live on the back of your door, but so is life.


Hello My Name is Inigo Montoya coffee mug , $10

Funny and classic, this mug will put a smile on every princess’ face.


TARDIS trashbin, $90

Does it “whoosh” and light up when you open it? YES. Is it bigger on the inside? Not so much.

Doctor Who Trash Bin, Think Geek $90

Star Wars Han Solo in Carbonite, $30

When you pull this out to give away your business cards at meetings, you will be the coolest kid in the room, guaranteed.


The Collectiva Diva