Martin Freeman may be the perfect human being

My Collective colleague spammed you with Benedict Cumberbatch yesterday. Today, I will do the same with Martin Freeman, mostly because I think he’s the most interesting man on the planet (sorry, Dos Equis spokesman). I’m not even going to list the reasons why Martin Freeman may be the perfect human being. Look at the pics; look at the vids; judge for yourself.

This is Martin attempting to do a Gollum impression.

Martin Freeman talking about his attractiveness to women.

Martin Freeman, just talking about his acting, his first crush, and cooking pasta for Jesus.

Martin Freeman as a mime (this one was shown to me by my Cumberb***h colleague)

This is Martin Freeman beatboxing.

Martin Freeman is a talented and adorable human being (not to mention sassy as all f**k and a BAMF). And, of course, never ever forget that Benedict Cumberbatch once said this:

I’ll get you one for Christmas, Mr. Cumberbatch.

On top of all that, Martin is also very humble about his fame.

-The Collectress (AKA Martin Freeman’s future bestie)

Disclaimer: I own none of these images or video clips. Or Martin Freeman.


  1. daltonralju

    To pretend I’m very British, I’ll say I am over the moon about Martin Freeman. (Doesn’t that sound much more emphatic than “I’m mad about…”?) Of course I love My Cumberbunny, but I fantasize more about Martin. Maybe it’s a little bit about thinking I have more of a chance with him, and maybe it’s a bit about Watson being so much more down-to-earth and accessible than Sherlock, but so much of it is just him, his lovely voice and gorgeous face and the more I see little snippets of him being fearfully sarcastic and funny in interviews the deeper I fall. Thank you for a wonderful summary page of Why We Love Martin!

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