The Lit Nerd’s Summer Reading: Leia, I am your daddy.

This children’s book by Jeffrey Brown is a sequel to the very popular 2012 Darth Vader and Son. A receptive audience of geek parents and nerd kids alike picked up the adorable children’s book and met a Vader who was cute. While I am all for the antics of Vader and Luke, it’s been done. Less so the story of Princess Leia, the rebellious princess to our favorite helmeted villian. In this 2013 release, Vader and Leia enjoy various daddy/daughter activities such tea time and arguments about clothes with witty banter and fun illustrations of our favorite Star Wars characters. I MUST HAVE THIS. When I buy this book,  I will read it with glee about 20 times and then it will sit on my library shelf at home or at work and every geek girl under the age of 99 will pick it up and squee with delight. What a treat!

Vader’s Little Princess, Jeffrey Brown


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