True Blood: Time to Say Goodbye


On last night’s True Blood…pain with a side of tears and despair. A few weeks ago, I predicted who was going to die this season, and boy, was I wrong. I guess I should feel glad that the writers at HBO are keeping us on our toes, but last night’s death was so incredibly fucked up that it made Dexter seem like it was made of kittens and rainbows.

Congratulations on fucking up our feels, HBO.

Rest in peace, Terry Bellefleur.

You know, I swore that Jesus’s death was the saddest thing to happen in Bon Temps. Well, then some genius writer decided to pen a storyline wherein Terry Bellefleur escapes his haunted past and is truly happy and dies anyway because no one thought to call off the hit man. Well, I guess no one could have called him off because Terry was the only one who knew about him and he forgot because his well-meaning wife had him glamoured by a vampire to forget every bad thing that’s ever happened to him.

That shit is fucked up.

Goodbye, Terry Bellefleur. You were one of my favorites and I never hated you, not for one second. I can’t really say that about any other character (except for LaFayette; he’s perfect). You made me laugh; you made me smile; last night, your wife’s tears had me sobbing.

Here’s one of my favorite Terry moments, a happy moment. An antidote for last night’s brutal rape of our emotions.

Terry Bellefleur wasn’t the only death last night, but the other one had me cheering whereas Terry’s goodbye left me in a puddle of my own tears. Billith, finally realizing that he’s a blood god and with that comes some perks, swallows a bit of Warlow’s blood and walks straight into the Governor’s mansion.

This is the face of a pissed-off blood god. Don’t fuck with his progeny.

The Governor’s security team is–surprise surprise–ineffective against a furious day-walking vampire god. He gets shot by wooden bullets, and like a bad ass, just keeps on walking. He mind controls the security officers into shooting each other, like a bad ass, walks right up to the governor and demands his vampire daughter, Jessica. The governor and Billith banter about the joys of fatherhood for a minute or two,  and then the blood god rips the governor’s fucking head off. Right the fuck off.

It was a beautiful moment.

In other news, Sarah Newlin emerges as the true villain of the season and as the bitchiest ex-girlfriend Jason Stackhouse has ever had. Poor Jason.

-The Collectress