Dexter Takes a Wrong Turn

Season 8 episode 4, “Scar Tissue”, set the tone for what I think we can expect from the series finale. Dexter is on a sloppy, emotional hunt for Vogel’s rogue patient and has developed a huge blindspot when it comes to his deteriorating relationship with Deb. Spoilers ahead!

Dexter might die.
Dexter needs some table time.

First of all, Vogel is starting to grow on me. She spouts these intense gems of wisdom on the family Morgan’s psychological development or how Dexter might have to let Deb go (ya think?) then we see Vogel’s handiwork (Harry’s Code, the Brain Surgeon) destroy reality. I’m not sure this season’s brain scraping deaths are Vogel’s fault but the questions remain, what would these sociopaths have become without her influence? How does getting Dex and Deb all wound up emotionally benefit Vogel? I may just be a skeptic, but after Trinity, It’s hard for me to get behind the idea that anyone in a potential mentoring position will ever actually help Dexter.

She might look nice but I'm not so sure.
She might look nice but I’m not so sure.

Regardless, I have no doubt Dexter can take care of himself, except when it comes to Deborah. This bitch is crazy. I mean, bat shit, kamikaze, crazy. While Vogel’s psychological strategies seemed to have started with a positive effect, the little ride that Deb and Dexter take to talk makes a wrong turn right into a lake and sending this story in a whole new direction. One minute, they are siblings talking about their father’s death and the next, Deb is grabbing the wheel and driving them into a large body of water.

I do not ship this.

Dexter is a sociopath and he’s starting to understand that what he thinks are his emotions are really projections of desires on the people that he surrounds himself with. He doesn’t need Deborah, Harrison, even his job. He wants them. To hide the “dark passenger”. The thing is, if Vogel succeeds in convincing Dexter that he is “perfect” and everything he’s meant to be, will he even give a shit about the life he’s created in Miami or will he burn it to the ground and start over somewhere else?  This was an intriguing episode and I really can’t wait to see how these questions will be answered in the next 6 episodes. In other news, Quinn is so annoying I almost feel sorry for him, Vince is a pervert who might have a daughter and Jaime introduced Dexter to a lovely neighbor for what seems to be absolutely no reason at all, Dexter hasn’t killed anyone in a while AND I am waiting for Hannah McKay to come back and kick  ass at some point. Check out the trailer below to see Dexter losing it just a little bit.

Where are you, Hannah? Oh, right. Jail.
Where are you, Hannah? Oh, right. Jail.