Doctor Who at Comic Con 2013 talks the 50th Anniversary Episode

DOCTOR WHO. Yes, I have been putting off mentioning the amaze balls Doctor Who panel that happened at SDCC2013 this Sunday because I travel through time in a linnear, nonsubjective way and therefore couldn’t speak on it before now. Spoilers! The panel in Hall H today featured show producer Marcus Wilson, show writer Mark Gatiss, “new” First Doctor David Bradley, show runner Steven Moffat, and stars Jenna Coleman and Matt Smith.


The biggest news of the day is that YES, the lucky folks who attended the panel this afternoon did get to watch a short 50th Anniversary episode preview that Moffat has explicitly warned fans not to leak on the net. DAMN YOU MOFFAT!  Hosted by big-time Whovian Craig Ferguson, the BBC America Doctor Who 50th Anniversary panel also introduced the trailer for Mark Gatiss’ brain child, An Adventure through Space and Time, a film dramatization of the creation of the television series. The BBC docudrama is set to feature David Bradley as the First Doctor, who–if you remember–played the creepy slave trader who wanted to own the Doctor’s good budy Nefertiti in the season 7 episode (pre-Pond feels), Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

Dave Bradley as the First Doctor.

Hopefully BBCA will have both previews on their site soon enough, but until then, I am foaming at the mouth, waiting very impatiently. For now, I will satiate myself with pictures of awesome BBC-centric cosplay featured on the Anglophenia website, highlights of the official panel and the NERD HQ viddy posted below (hosted by Cpt. Tightpants himself).

Nerd HQ talks to Matt Smith, Jenna Louise-Coleman and Steven Moffat.


Check out as Matt Smith walks the SDCC2013 floor as Bart Simpson and gets pretty much ignored.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST: io9 breaks down the 50th anniversary trailer for fans not in attendance at the DW panel. READ BELOW!

“The trailer starts out on a haunting, dark note — Matt Smith is walking in the TARDIS, while in voiceover he says, “I’ve had many faces. Many lives. I don’t admit to all of them. There’s one life I’ve tried very hard to forget.” And we glimpse the Doctor talking to Clara about his greatest secret.

And then — what looks like the Time War, between the Daleks and the Time Lords! Seriously. Daleks blowing up, flames everywhere, everything going to Hell. And in the middle of all the carnage, John Hurt as the non-Doctor, looking resolute. “Great men are forged in fire,” he says. And then something about being the man who lit the flames.

And then, we get Tennant and Smith. Tennant, in his TARDIS, yells “Allons-y,” while Matt Smith, in his, yells “Geronimo!”

Rose pops up and warns that “the moment is coming.” And John Hurt’s non-Doctor says that he is ready for what’s going to happen.

And then: the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors comparing their sonic screwdrivers, as Tennant looks possibly a bit jealous of Smith’s screwdriver. And then a shot of both of them wearing clever glasses, while Smith wears his fez and they look delighted with their cool gear. And then a glimpse of Rose, looking excited.

Oh, and the TARDIS being airlifted down to Trafalgar Square with the Doctor hanging down from it.

Smith is in the TARDIS, when he says, “I remember this. I pretty much remember.” And we see twinkly lights traveling across the Earth.

David Tennant and John Hurt are inside Matt Smith’s TARDIS. “Oh, you’ve redecorated. I don’t like it,” Tennant says, channeling Patrick Troughton in “The Three Doctors.”

A title appears: “This fall, the Doctor will face his darkest day: Himself.”

And we see Zygons, plural. Busting out of a glass case. And then some more shots of Daleks blowing up and being torn apart and generally being Da-wrecked.

Inside the TARDIS, Tennant tells Smith, “For once, I would like to know where I’m going.” Smith responds: “No, you really wouldn’t.”

And then, someone says, “I’m looking for the Doctor.” And the camera pans around to show Hurt, Tennant and Smith, with the two Doctors trying not to look at their unacknowledged predecessor. Tennant shrugs and says, “Well, you’ve certainly come to the right place.””