True Blood: Daddy Issues

So, let’s rehash last night’s episode of True Blood. We’re now halfway through the season, and things are getting rather…intense. There was violence, blood, and a lot of sexy times.

Warning: What follows is spoilers.

It seemed to me that Sookie was lacking in appearances in last night’s show, but considering the arc they took her character on, it doesn’t surprise me. Last night we learned that she’s ready to go fairy-nuclear on Warlow (Ben?) if he so much as looks at her wrong.

She doesn’t need clothes to kick ass.

In a plot twist, Ben/Warlow (WarBen? Benlow?) confesses his love to Sookie, making it apparent that the contract he’s sign with Sookie’s ancestor wasn’t a “when your first Fae descendant comes of age, I get first eating rights” so much as “I’m going to turn your great-granddaughter into my eternal sex puppet.” Not sure which one is more disturbing. He also tells her that he ate her parents because they were trying to kill her.

Not exactly the best way to woo your prospective eternal life partner.

Then Billith shows up, because he conveniently remembered Lillith’s bloody sexy siring of Warlow–which was a “Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but I have fangs, so I’ll turn you baby” moment–and Bill interrupts the almost-Sookocalypse by fucking commanding Warlow to follow him because Billith is now Warlow’s maker. 

Oh boy. Remember last week’s episode where Jason had a kinky dream about Warlow? I think we’ll be seeing Billith guest starring in that slash fest. Bill’s even got Warlow locked up, nice and desperate like. The slash fanfic shippers will have a heyday with this one. The Maker/Progeny relationship usually becomes a sexual one, so who knows where this new development will take us.

Having slaughtered three of Sheriff Andy’s fairy daughters, Jessica is sent to her room by her blood good vamp daddy, but like any rebellious, fairy-eating daughter, she runs away. Probably because she is as high as a fucking kite on fairy blood. She runs to Jason’s house, because it makes perfect sense to panic and flee to your cop ex-boyfriend’s place after you’ve ex-sanguinated three of the sheriff’s daughters.

She discovers Jason, who had just confirmed his heterosexuality with Sarah Newlin, the biggest vampire-hater in the South. Sarah also happens to be the governor’s mistress/aspiring fiancee, and all-around heinous bitch. She gets Jessica shipped off to the “vamp camps.” Lovable but stupid Jason then vows to save Jessica. That boy flip flops from racist prat to lovestruck knight in shining armor more often than Snooki spray tans.

I think she may be the most evil person on the show this season.

The vamp camps aren’t a joke. It’s part concentration camp, part freaky science lab where the rats are vampires. We’re slowly seeing Billith’s vision come to pass; last night Jessica, Willa, Tara, Pam, and Eric were sent to the camps. Although, Eric & Tara chose to go in order to save Pam (cue swooning over how adorable Protective Eric is. NO ONE MESSES WITH HIS PROGENY).

Dear Vampire Eric, Please kick some ass and save your Pam. Sincerely, Truebies Everywhere

Back in Bon Temps, Sookie contacts her father’s spirit via LaFayette to determine whether or not Warlow’s confessions were full of shit. Turn out…Warlow isn’t the lying bastard I’d hoped he be. Sookie’s dead daddy possesses LaFayette and sets out to finish what he started twenty years ago on the night he was murdered. The last we see of Sookie is her head being held under water. Dun dun dun.

Serious daddy issues.

This week’s episode was filled with Daddy/Maker issues. What did you think of this week’s episode? Personally, I’m enjoying the growing tension in the family sphere. Although, when will Sookie & Eric be together again and smoldering in unresolved sexual tension?

In other news: Alcide is still on a douchey power trip and Sam is thinking with the wrong head. And Nora disappeared and no one seems to care.

Until next week…

-The Collectress


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