Travelling in Style with the Doctor

Put this onto your to-see list for the next time you visit London. I did.

Tardis Travel

My first stop on my transatlantic tour across Europe started in London, England. I spent a lot of time in London and visited a wide range of different spots relevant to my favourite fandoms. I’ll start with my visit to a police box outside of Earl Court Tube station (cannot travel without some form of transportation).


If you don’t know a ‘police box’ was a British telephone box that was used by police to contact the station in a time before mobile communications. These boxes are no longer used by the British police, and by and large have been removed from their previous posts. However, I managed to find one hiding outside of Earl Court Tube station.


The relevance of these police boxes is the connection to the universally popular Doctor Who BBC television show. For those who do not know the premise of Doctor Who here is a quick explanation:…

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