Fanfic Wednesday: “The Student Prince”

Author: FayJay

Fandom: Merlin (BBC)

Word Count: 100,000+ (not enough words!)

Rating: NSFW

Read it here.


No, really, it is.

It’s been confirmed by the show’s producers, and the actors have openly acknowledged that the relationship between Arthur and Merlin is deeper and stronger than any other relationship present. So really, all the gay smut written by fans is just what went on off-screen (or so we desperately hope).

So, this story. THIS STORY. I’d seen the title tossed about on tumblr more frequently than someone swoons over Benedict Cumberbatch (cue swooning), but I never actually saw a link to it until two days ago.

My god, I did nothing else until I finished reading all 100,000+ words of it.

It’s set in a modern AU, and the title plays on a little-known operetta with Mario Lanza (which I lurv). Prince Arthur of Wales goes to uni in Edinburgh, and so does Merlin, a middle-class Welsh wizard. They end up as roommates, and well, you know what happens then, don’t you? It goes from mutual hatred, to mutual dislike, to friendship, to something, way, way more.

For the first 10,000 words, I was uncertain. It seemed too predictable and the characters were so kooky and tried too hard to be witty. And then, probably about the same time Arthur figures it out, I fell in love with Merlin. He’s just as awkward and bumbling as canon!Merlin, and FayJay got his relationship with Arthur down perfectly. It’s awkward and witty and sickeningly romantic.

But, no, that’s not why I’m reccing this fic. I’m reccing this fic for the ending, because the ending was the one thing I did not expect. And to be truly surprised (and in this case, sobbing tears of happiness) is a rare thing. The ending is beautiful and perfect.

So, it’s a modern AU with a classic Merthur relationship. Lots of wit, lots of alcohol, and just enough smut. Plus, the dragon gets an iPod and listens to Justin Bieber.

Also, ten bonus points for the Fight Club reference.

My rating: B for the first third of the story, A+++ for the other two-thirds.

This ship will never sink.

-The Collectress