Dexter’s Spiritual Mother is a Bit Off


In “Every Silver Lining”, audiences and Dexter start to see some background info on the creation of this serial killer of serial killers by the sinister Doctor Vogel and the scene is as disturbing as it is insightful. The running theme of the developing relationship between Dex and Vogel revolves around poor little Dexter’s mommy issues. Dexter; who watched his biological mom die in a pool of her own blood, who’s adopted mom died at a pivotal time in Dexter’s life, now has Doctor Vogel, who claims that Dexter Morgan, is her “perfect” creation.

Dexter Morgan is all grown up.
Dexter Morgan is all grown up.

Vogel claims to have guided Harry in the shaping of the Code that Dexter kills by, so although they didn’t meet until season 8, it seems Dexter is to Vogel what the Creature is to Frankenstein. She claims that she made the code out of a Darwinist need for people like Dexter, a wolf to cull the fold. Cue HER need for Dexter to take care of (see: murder) a serial killer running around leaving pieces of brains on Vogel’s doorstep. I can’t help but wonder if Harry and Vogel took a wrong turn with Dexter and perhaps she and Harry molded him into the psychopath before he had a chance to be anything else.

Dexter and Vogel, obviously plotting something sinister.
Dexter and Vogel, obviously plotting something sinister.

Dexter seems to be using Vogel like a psychiartrist–except he can’t open up about Deb yet because the relationship is still super strange. Even though Deb wants nothing to do with him, it seems that she still has a little crush on her brother, not to mention she’s doing a bit of vigilante murder on the side. When Dex does a bit of good old fashioned murder and then evidence tampering for her in order to keep his sister safe, I can only surmise that Dexter’s obsession with keeping Deb under the proverbial radar of Miami Metro is gonna get her killed, driver her crazy or both. So far, I’m wondering A) if and how the Morgan siblings will salvage their relationship and B) how twisted is Doc Vogel and C) who is going to die next? The serial killer who is using randoms to kill, the love story of Quinn and Bautista’s little sister, these are all secondary time wasters compared to the larger story arc of Dexter’s creation, Vogel and the Morgans. The series is ending! I could care less about the rest of the stupid cast. I want more on Dexter. I have a feeling Vogel’s going to give it to us, too.



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