Why “Geek Chic” Hipsters Suck

Understanding The Term “Geek Chic” is an important step in accepting the fact that some of those jerks who made fun of your style in high school/middle school/yesterday now sport comic book tees and thick rimmed glasses even though they have 20/20 vision. Look nerds, let the followers do what they must and leave the innovation to those of us who can think outside the mall. If you’re like me, you just probably just adore literary themed clothing and definitely don’t feel the need to be defined by any one term.



Geek Chic on the Catwalk


  1. simpleek

    Thanks for sharing my article from Geek Force Network! I also agree that we made geekdom what it is before the hipsters decided to adopt it and make it cool. Damn hipsters.

  2. Stella

    I’ve been “geek chic” since before kindergarden and now all of a sudden I’m in style when i’ve been made fun of my whole life. All this time I’ve always just loved the quirkiness.

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