Comic-Con International 2013 Friday Schedule Posted

I'm trying really hard not to hate you all.
I’m trying really hard not to hate you all.

The Thursday/Friday schedules are now posted on the Comic-Con website. Seems like the Thursday schedule is meant for writers, artists and geeks interested in the mechanics of working in the entertainment industry, and so therefore, The Collective wants to go to each and every panel, all day long. Friday through Sunday at the Con are filled with star-studded Q&A sessions and big reveals from big names. How do I know this? I know this because I get emails, follow them all on Facebook and have a date with sadness every time I see this —->

If you are one of the lucky jerks that has magic fairy dust coming out of your butt and happened to get into the EPIC waiting room to purchase an EPIC badge (grumble grumble number 34,930 grumble grumble) to see some EPIC panels, here are a five of my Friday favorites.

5. 10am, Friday, July 19: Steampunk 101

This session will surely be filled with impeccably dressed, Victorian clockwork people that love Doctor Who and Firefly and, of course, carry fobwatches. I WANNA GO!!!


4. 11:15am, Friday, July 19: Veronica Mars Special Video Presentation and Q&A


The Kickstarter sensation Veronica Mars has revealed to potential film makers a revolutionary way to get a movie made–ask the fans! This is gonna be good.

3. 1:35pm, Friday, July 19: AMC’s The Walking Dead panel

AMC's "The Walking Dead" Panel - Comic-Con International 2012

Norman Reedus is the the building, zombies. Watch your asses. This. is. too. much.

2. 6:15pm, Friday, July 19: Joss Whedon’s Dark Horse


Whedon will be talking about his new project exclusively to Comic-Con nerds. Lucky bastards. I realize I’m only getting more bitter with every number on this list. Better wind it down.

1. 7:30pm, Friday, July 19: Psychology of Star Trek vs. Star Wars: Episode II


Who wouldn’t want to watch Star Trek and Star Wars fans battle it out on which franchise is more epic?? Also, the cosplay will probably be fairly amazing as well. Although, now that I think about it, you probably won’t enjoy any of these panels. Go ahead and send The Collective your so-called EPIC badge and we will dispose of it for you.



**DISCLAIMER**I do not own, nor claim to own, any photos contained herein. If one of these is your original work, please let us know so that we may give credit where credit is due. 


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