Fanfic Wednesday: “dawn”

Title: dawn

Author: kiyala

Word Count: ~18,000

Read it here.

I honestly didn’t intend to start shipping a new ship in this past week.

Then I discovered 00Q, AKA the newest ship amongst the fanfiction fleet.

If you this is your first time reading my fanfic posts, then I shall be up front: I love slash fanfiction. I’m not embarassed, and I’ve decided to stop apologizing that all my recs are slash.

Back to the point. I grew up watching James Bond the way most people watch Disney movies. I’m so much of a purist that I despised Daniel Craig’s 007, simply because he was blond. (Blondy Bond…still not okay with it). Didn’t like Casino Royale. Didn’t bother with Quantum of Solace. And then Skyfall happened. Now I secretly wish to be a pair of Daniel Craig’s jeans.

So why 00Q? Well, Bond is all angles and scars and haunted past. Q is young and awkward and a smart ass. It’s an “opposites attract” kind of thing, I suppose. Bond is dark; Q is light. Bond is mysterious; Q talks too much. Bond appears to have no heart; Q appears to have too much. It’s a delicate seesaw, balancing the best of classic James Bond with the entrepreneurship of 21st century Q.

In kiyala’s “dawn,” she expertly balances the opposites and touches on a more sensitive side of Bond. It seems to be his natural instinct to take care of Q, which considering how young and skinny Q is, I would probably do the same thing. It starts with a hot cuppa, and blooms from there. Not gonna lie: this is nothing but happy, feel-good fluff, so if you want angst, look elsewhere.

Why you should read it: underneath all that adorable fluff, it’s the story of two men (who are more-than-slightly broken) who complement each other in more ways than one, and who probably need each other more than either would like to admit. I dare you to read this and try not to grin like an idiot at the end of it. Seriously.

My rating: A-. It’s well-written, and I like the slow burn of Bond and Q’s relationship, but the characterization is a teensy bit off. It’s almost too adorable.

I’m on this ship. All aboard!

-The Collectress