The Lit Nerd’s Summer Reading: I’m a Symbologist. Symbologists are cool.

I, the Lit Nerd, am actually plowing through this summer reading list much quicker than I thought I would. I’ve gotten through more than half of Dan Brown’s Inferno and, although I get tired just reading about Langdon running around, I’m enjoying the ride. Like The Da Vinci Code or any of Brown’s other books, this one is all about the history and symbology within the story as well as the intrigue and plot. There are great images of Italy in the text and readers are able to easily visualize the path that Langdon is on as he quests to find the truth about…well, stuff. No spoilers here, from me. Still, there are 554 pages in this book and I’m a bit exhausted of the action–more plot devices would be appreciated. I know this is an argument against Brown’s books, and I can see why. Inferno has that Dan Brown template of: Landgon+a pretty girl+a crazy person+enough money to cause global issues= lots of running around and looking at art. Still, I have a hard time putting the book down each time I pick it up and have read 100+ pages each time I sit down to read. If you’re a Dan Brown fan, this book seems to fit the bill of his usual block buster books. I’ve no doubt Tom Hanks would look smashing in this movie, stuck nervous in an elevator or running around St. Mark’s Biscilica. If you don’t enjoy Brown, this book is not too different than his other texts, so steer clear.

Inferno, Dan Brown



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