Dexter Returns with the Final Season 8

Dexter Morgan is back and Miami should be frightened, because this season our favorite serial killer seems a little…unbalanced.



Season 8, “A Beautiful Day” has started fans on what seems to be an inevitable spiral toward the destruction of Dexter’s way of life and I couldn’t be happier about it. In season 7, we saw Deborah and Dexter’s relationship shift from her not having any idea to his true nature as a serial killer to her understanding, accepting and then rejecting Harry’s Code. This season, Deb is on her own out in the big bad world and she has come to a realization. She hates her brother. Now, those of us who watched last season and remember her disturbing incestuous admission of love might be a bit confused by her actions, but alas, killing La Guerta has shown Deb she is not like her brother; she can’t just pretend everything is okay. As much as Deb annoys me as a character, I respect that and have high hopes that this tension will bring with it some interesting plot twists.

Deb and Dex are mixed up.

The season 8 opener had a lot of familiar faces and a few new characters that I hope will be vital to this series ending that has been forced upon fans. One of the most disturbing developments is the new Dr. Vogel, a nueroscientist who specializes in serial killers. Uh oh, Dexter, Vogel’s eyeballing you in the briefing room. Cut to the good doctor handing Dexter an envelope filled with his own disturbing childhood drawings, and viewers realize we are in for a treat that has to do with understanding Dexter’s development as a psychopath.

Are you my mummy?
Are you my mummy?

While Dexter has definite mommy issues, I’m not sure how the relationship between Dexter and Vogel will play out, which makes this season even more exciting. All I know is, one of my favorite series on television is coming to an end, and I have no doubt that I will enjoy every anguished step of the way.