Sean Bean, This Isn’t Going to End Well.

If you recognize actor Sean Bean, you probably have watched him die.

Sean Bean, Why You Die?
Handsome Devil

Somehow, in the 25 year span of this man’s career, he has learned how to turn a death scene into a show stopping experience and has affectionately become known for dying on screen. It begins innocently enough. You are watching a film on the telly, perhaps a Sci-Fi Channel rerun or a Netflix option. Suddenly, Sean Bean’s ruggedly handsome face pops up on the screen and you realize, “This isn’t going to end well for him.” 

The first time I noticed it was during Lord of the Rings. Borimir has let the ring get into his head and tries to kill Frodo for it. Nerds, you know where I’m going with this. Finally, after coming to his senses in the middle of a battle with the Orcs, Borimir valiantly sacrifices himself for the life of the hobbits, and takes a couple of arrows through the chest, all in the name of #sorrynotsorry.

This man dies with style. There’s no denying it. So when I noticed his face on the front of the Black Death dvd, I shuddered just a bit, wary of what might come next for him. “Well, that’s not menacing at all,” some might say to themselves. Alas, we are wrong, dear readers.

So next, lit nerds, we come to the famed television series Game of Thrones and look who plays the beloved Master of Winterfell, Ned Stark! Why, it’s Sean Bean. But Stark is a beloved character, surely nothing bad will happen to…oh, wait…my bad. Is that Sean Bean with his head on a pike? Yikes! You don’t know G.R.R. Martin, dear reader, nor do you realize we are watching a legendary actor perfect his swan song.

Now, friend, I ask of you, Why Sean Bean? What is it about the 54 year old Brit that screams death scene?? Is it his lilting accent? His scruffy bearded face? There are so many funny and not-so-funny memes devoted to this topic, YouTube videos, interviews even with Sean Bean discussing this strange phenomenon. All I know is that whomever Sean Bean is playing on screen, I  immediately find likable and thus, am more affected by the negative happenings around him than I would be if it wasn’t Sean Bean.  Perhaps I am being sentimental, but when I see that face and those bright blue eyes on screen, my heart goes out to the actor because I’m pretty sure, for him, it just isn’t going to end well.

Interested in watching Sean Bean die 21 times? Enjoy the official YouTube Sean Bean death reel.


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