FanFic Wednesday: The (Mostly Accidental) Courtship of Dean Winchester

I would post another apology about how every fic rec I give seems to be slash, but I’m really not sorry. Especially not today when the United States has finally gotten its act together and took a big step toward marriage equality. So, I’m not sorry at all, not one bit. I love love, gay or straight, and I support it.

So, in celebration of equality, my recommendation this week is “The (Mostly Accidental) Courtship of Dean Winchester.” Read it here.

Author: EverySecondTuesday

Rating: R (most likely for angel/human sexy time)

Spoilers: Through season 5.

For those of you who watch Supernatural, you already know about Destiel (and if you don’t, you don’t really watch Supernatural, you phonies). Destiel, the couple name for the angel and the hunter, is the perfect combination of star-crossed lovers and screwball comedy opposites attract. The show itself acknowledges the “profound bond” between these characters; the bond is formed when Castiel, an angel, pulls Dean’s soul out of hell and reforms Dean’s physical body–meaning that the angel knows Dean Winchester on a molecular level.

Which is why I love this particular fanfiction, because it takes that bond and plays with its intentions. At 11,000 words, it’s not the longest I’ve ever read, but it’s certainly one of the funniest, and I think the author sticks true to the characters.

The Premise:

Apparently in Heaven, angelic marriage is performed after completing a two-hundred step ritual. True to Castiel’s character, he only tells Dean Winchester after they’ve completed step 180.

Hilarity ensues.

Dean quickly gets over the “I’m engaged to an angel in a man’s body” issue and soon becomes the commitment phobic Dean we all know and love. All the while still making fun of Sammy’s bitch face. And I love it; I love that the characters are rude and awkward and that Dean’s (mostly) an idiot.

All in all, it’s well-written, it’s fluffy, and it has all that accidental-marriage-turns-into-real-relationship cuteness. Seriously, read it and try not to be smiling at the end.

My rating: A

-The Collectress