Inseperable:Two Benedict Cumberbatches for the Price of One

Short film is an artform. To tell a visual story in under ten minutes within this medium can be challenging for film makers and often the results are varied. Within a short film, it is the unsaid and the inferences that create tension for audiences. Inseparable is full of unspoken presumptions and unanswered questions that will keep viewers intrigued and wanting more.

(some SPOILERS ahead, sweetie)


Benedict Cumberbatch is an easy genius when it comes to acting and this piece makes clear that he can only get better at perfecting his craft. In this 11 minute film, Benedict hardly speaks. In fact, he plays almost silently the dual roles of identical twins Charlie and Joe. Let that sink in–TWO Benedicts.


Ready to move on? Okay.

The film is about a dying man who desires to give a second chance to his family through the life of his brother. The bond is unspoken but clear–degenerate gambler Charlie knows what he must do for his brother Joe, who has a wife and child that need their unified strength.

Within this quiet vacuum, Benedict expresses emotional depth through physical movement and facial expressions. A trembling hand, a silent smirk, an image of hunched shoulders creates an intense push towards the emotional finale of the film. The technical details–lighting, camera angles, the instrumental background music hovering over each simple frame–are beautiful. My biggest regret is that the movie is so short and thus, cannot adequately tell its story in the time frame allotted.

There is a Facebook page dedicated to this movie, which is available to watch below (from Youtube) and to purchase for $1.99 in the iTunes store. Well worth the price to have this on my laptop day in and day out. Area17, a London-based production company, has been trying to make this a feature film for years. Here’s to hoping that they get it done, because this story is well-worth the wait and we can all do with a little more Ben on Ben action.

Inseperable, 2007



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