Geek Chic: 5 Awesome Fandom Cookbooks

Fandom cookbooks, recipes and dishes are fairly common place, especially in the nerdcentric world we now live in. There are so many things I want to try and cook that I have found on Pinterest and never been brave enough to attempt. Here are a few cookbooks to inspire even the biggest geek to strap on that apron and get to mixing. 

Wookiee Cookies Star Wars Cookbook, $19
Wookiee Cookies Star Wars Cookbook, $19

This Star Wars themed cookbook is filled with recipes for delicious treats from a galaxy far far away. Check out the Plasticland website for this and other nerd-a-licious treats. 

Dining With the Doctor, $20
Dining With the Doctor, $20

Wouldn’t it be nice if the Doctor actually stayed for Christmas dinner this time? Perhaps if you conjured up some of the dishes in this ThinkGeek cookbook, he just might. 


Star Trek Cookbook, $20
Star Trek Cookbook, $20

This Amazon buy just might help bring peace to the Federation. Sitting down with Klingons, humans, Vulcans and Romulans might seem like a horrible dinner party idea, unless you are serving the perfect dish. 

Eats, Drinks and Bites, $23
Eats, Drinks and Bites, $23

Even vamps need a bit of variety in their diet. Visit your local Barnes & Noble to get a taste of Bon Temps and true Louisiana fare, True Blood style.

Regional Cooking from Middle-Earth, $20
Regional Cooking from Middle-Earth, $20

So this is the Amazon cookbook from which Hobbits find those recipes for–


First Breakfast

Tiny Sausage Time 

Second Breakfast



Third Breakfast 


Nap Cake 




Night Lunch 

Midnight Snack

One-In-The-Morning Snack 

I’m full already!

A Feast of Ice and Fire, $24
A Feast of Ice and Fire, $24

I’m just hoping this Game of Thrones official cookbook on Amazon does not include Sean Bean’s head-on-a-pike souffle or Red Wedding stew.

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