The Lit Nerd’s Summer Reading: All Hail Sedaris, King of Creative Nonfiction

It’s easy to pick up a David Sedaris book and get lost in the French countryside, the witty banter, the family fun. I remember finding Dress your Family in Corduroy and Denim on my mother’s bookshelf and immediately being struck by the innate honesty in Sedaris’ voice and I’ve been hooked ever since. Sedaris writes in the grey area known as creative nonfictiona genre writers agree to disagree about and that dwells precariously between predictable autobiographical nonfiction and something exciting and new for the masses. Within this shady space, Sedaris has found a home. With poignant memories of family follies clear, images of European book signings and oodles of owls, Sedaris has brought home another fun read. Since this has turned into a review of sorts, and only because this is a book I’ve finished before writing, I begrudgingly admit that this particular text doesn’t have as much continuity as his others. I found myself breezing through  episodic chapters trying to find a common idea I could relate back to a universal theme. But, that might just be the writing teacher in me.

Let’s Explore Diabetes With Owls, David Sedaris

Tune in next week– same bat time, same bat blog –for more of the Lit Nerd’s Summer Reading…


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