The Lit Nerd’s Summer Reading: Maya Angelou Talks Mom

Next on the Lit Nerd’s Summer Reading List is Maya Angelou’s newest book, Mom & Me & Mom. If you’ve had the chance to read her first autobiography, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, you know that Angelou’s mother was an intense woman who shared a unique relationship with her daughter. Confession Collective Nerds: I have had this book in my bag for two weeks now and I haven’t read a page yet. I blame my laziness and the fact that i started a new series on Netflix. I admit, it took me until just last month to open myself up to the beauty and depth of Angelou’s nonfiction and move on from her poetry. While I enjoy writing about myself in the first person, I am not big on reading others do it. Like many who will pick the book up this summer, I have faith that I will enjoy Angelou’s existential journey she explores the mother-daughter relationship and all the stereotypes and expectations that surround it.

Mom & Me & Mom, Maya Angelou


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