Luther Heats up the Screen

Series 3 FTW!
Series 3 FTW!

Tuesday, July 2nd, 9pm the new season of Neil Cross’ Luther returns to BBC One and I have lit a candle to rejoice the news! For those not in the know, we at The Collective adore British telly and BBC One is the place to watch one of the best crime dramas on television right now, Luther. Idris Elba plays the title character, and if you don’t know who this walking chocolate sex god is, well, honey, you’re missing out. Like so many of the great BBC shows these days, there are not enough episodes of Luther. With 6 episodes in series 1 and 4 in series 2, it’s hard not to skip over this tiny gem for something with more substance. Still, 10 episodes in, I am desperate for more and you will be too.

The series follows DCI John Luther, a darkly passionate and violent man who looks smashing in a suit and tie. I kinda want to insert another pic here, but I’ll move on. Detective Luther works to solve the grisly crimes of London towne while simultaneously attempting to keep his crazy in check and be a decent cop. Audiences go along for an emotional ride as Luther navigates the criminal element of his city while trying to maintain integrity and not accidental hurting any scumbags even though they all obviously deserve a good beat down.

Now, Idris the chocolate sex god is not the only stellar actor in this series. I was pleasantly surprised to encounter throughout the series familiar faces such as

8th Doctor Paul McGann (“Mark North”)

He doesn't wear this in Luther.
He doesn’t wear this in Luther.

Steven Mackintosh (“DCI Ian Reed”)

I think ya kinda did.
I think ya kinda did.

and Ruth Wilson (“Alice Morgan”).

Another gorgeous ginger.
Another gorgeous ginger.

Series 3 will introduce David O’ Hara as “DSU George Stark”, a clean cop searching for dirty cops with his eye on Luther.

Mean muggin'.
Mean muggin’.

David O’ Hara has to be one of my favorite Scottish actors (Tennant nonwithstanding) and I have enjoyed O’ Hara in everything from Braveheart to The Departed. There is no doubt in my mind that he will bring his usual raw intensity to the show and I seriously cannot wait to see he and Idris sharing the screen.

If this show is not in your Instant Queue, you still have time to catch up this weekend and watch the Series 4 premiere on Tuesday night. Trust me nerds, you won’t regret it.

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