Throwback Thursday: Spielberg’s “Jaws”

Thank you, Spielberg, for giving me another phobia.

On this day in 1975, movie goers became afraid to swim in the ocean. I first saw it when I was ten years old, and I haven’t swum in the ocean since. Thanks a lot, Spielberg. 

Jaws swept through the nation and became the first true blockbuster film. Its record was not broken until Star Wars was released in 1977. This film also made Steven Spielberg, who was then only 27 years old, the household name he is today and one of the most acclaimed directors in the movie industry. It also gave us some of the most harrowing and memorable film scores in movie industry. (John Williams + Spielberg = EPIC).

It also spawned several sequels, but lets just pretend those never happened, just like Spielberg does. (Yes, Jaws: The Revenge, I am talking about you)

-The Collectress


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