Fanfic Wednesday: “Alone on the Water”

For this inaugural post of Fanfic Wednesday, I’m going to recommend the best fanfic I have ever read.

Now, the beautiful thing about fanfiction is that it allows the fandom to participate and interact with stories and characters. Want to know what a character was thinking during a particular scene? There’s probably a fanfic written and waiting to tell you. For instance, if you ever wanted to know the exact pain John Watson goes through after the Reichenbach Fall, there’s a plethora of fanfics ready to explore that plotline.

There are many good fanfictions, and plenty of terrible ones, but the best, the absolute best, one I’ve ever come across is “Alone on the Water” by Mad Lori. (Click here to read). Now, if you’ve read my earlier post discussing Johnlock, you already know that I’m a fan of slash fanfiction.

But, in “Alone on the Water,” the only thing that will be slashed is your feels.

So why read it?

Because it’s a beautiful exploration of just how deep the Holmes/Watson relationship is, and how much devastation it causes when one has to say goodbye.

It’s exquisitely written (see fanvid below for a taste), and now matter how many times I read it (which is probably about a dozen now), I find little intricacies that the author imbues into the story to give these characters life, and it leaves a hollow sense of melancholy lingering in my chest long after I’ve finished reading.

Yes, this is the best fanfiction I’ve ever read–in fact, it’s just one of the best things I’ve ever read. Period. So I’ll forgive MadLori for chopping up my heart and feeding it to the sharks, because this piece is just that damn good.

Read it if you like BBC Sherlock, Johnlock, or just pure angst.

My Rating: This piece is beyond ratings. Just read it. 

My heart is still broken.

-The Collectress

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